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How to start a Good Fruit Designs student organization at your high school or university

(5 Easy Steps):

Congratulations for taking steps toward producing good fruit and leading others to do so too! Please feel free to send any questions along the way to

1. Find out what it takes to start a student organization at your school. 

Most schools require a team of 3 or so students serving as key officers and an advisor. You will probably have to fill out some paperwork as well. As a result, your team will have access to new venues to spread the word, recruit new members, and make sales!

2. Order a start up package. 

(A start up package includes):

  • 5 Love Theme T-shirts

  • 5 Generosity Theme T-shirts

  • 5 Good Fruit Design Logo T-shirts (Option of your school's name under logo)

  • 5 Hope Theme T-shirts

  • 5 Change Theme T-shirts

  • Pack of information cards to help spread the word.

**Extra cost applies for your school's name under logo. Your choice of sizes and colors.

Cost of start up package: $175 US

3. Set up venues to sell t-shirts & spread the word! 

Once you receive your start up package, it's time to get visible! Check into setting up tables at school events, local fairs and festivals, churches, and farmer's markets. Visit art, graphic design, and architecture classrooms to make announcements about the club and upcoming contests!

4. Spend the money you have raised! 

Once you make some sales, be sure to invest part of the money into purchasing more t-shirts and printing off more information cards. What should you do with the rest of the money? Something good! If you want, you can donate it back toward our cause. Or you can use it to sponsor a pizza party to recruit more members. You could also use it to pay for a volunteer trip or support a local cause in your area. It's up to your group to decide! 

5. Train new leadership to take over when you leave. 

Chances are you won't be a student at your school forever! It's important that you train someone who will be there after you graduate to continue the work you started after you have moved on.

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